M.2 NVMe Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-1

$1,250.00 USD

Description DFM220 is a portable, efficient, and versatile copier that is able keep up with user’s travel need. Its light-weight form factor and modular socket are traits that set itself apart from traditional bulky duplicators. Light and fast DFM220 offer no compromise to your duplication needs. Feature Convenient Portability Speed...

Digifast 1 to 7 Sense Tower Series USB 3.1 Duplicator and Sanitizer

$1,680.00 USD

Description Standalone FPGA base design USB duplicator that offer both performance and scalability. Its unique modular design allows for easy socket cleaning and replacement. Window, Mac, and Linux Compatible Upgradable Firmware Up to 16GB/min of copy speed Stand alone operation  Stand-aloneStandalone FPGA design which does not require PC in its operation....