As the technology continue to advance at a great pace in the modern digital era, then it come as no surprise that more youths are able to gain access to it at a younger age.  This bring in a whole new way of communication among the kids, teens, and young adults. The problem of bullying has been prominent among different part of society range from school, work place, and social functions. Bullying often spawn from cultural difference, misunderstanding, and other behavioral aspect. Frequently when there are differences among the two individuals, then it might spark misunderstanding. Technology should be a device that bring people together and encourage understanding of each other. The idea of embrace the difference is important in today’s society, as the world are more connected than ever before. Digifast partner with PACER National Bullying Prevention Center to promote love, unity, and understanding. The vision of world without bully is something that many of us are striving for. Portion of Digifast’s proceed goes to the non-profit organization like PACER to help combat and prevent issue of bullying. It’s our pledge to give back to society and help on the issue that people around us are facing. Take the pledge and join our cause to help children and adults enjoy a better environment without bullying by visit the link below and learn more on the issue.