Big League Invitational League
Hosted by Bloody gaming, Big League is a League of Legends tournament that gives moderately ranked League players a chance to compete. They completed their second rendition of the tournament early in 2019 and we look forward to joining in for the 2020 season.
Youhua High School
Youhua high school is the second school in all of Asia to incorporate the Esport phenomenon into their curriculum. The class is devoted to teaching students every aspect the Esports from in-game play, to teamwork, to match commentary. We our proud to sponsor the future pros!
Subzero Esport
Subzero is an up and coming Esports team focusing on Overwatch, CS:GO, and Super Smash Bros so far. They just took first in Overwatch Dreamhack 2019 tournament. These guys are hitting well above their weight class, and we can’t wait to see how far they’ll go!

Join the Esports Revolution

As Esports becomes increasingly popular, Digifast has joined in on the fun. Last year, we joined Big League Gaming for their season 2 League of Legends amateur league tournament where Radiance and UCI duked it out for the $5000 top prize. This year, we provided jerseys and M.2 drives for the first high school in Taipei to add an official League of Legends class to their curriculum. These sponsorships are the first of many to come as we watch Esports sweep the world.

If you are part of an official or school team, then drop us a line. Host a tournament? Maybe we can help. Just fill out the short application below, and we will reach out to you.

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