Gaming Headset - Digifast Headset Apollo Series X2, Lightweight, Noise-Canceling, Adjustable Microphone, Remote Vol/Mic Control, Mac, PC, PS, Xbox, Switch, Plug & Play
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Digifast Headset Apollo Series X2, Lightweight, Noise-Canceling Adjustable Microphone, Remote Vol/Mic Control, Plug & Play, 3.5 mm audio jack Digifast Headset Apollo Series X2, Lightweight, Noise-Canceling Adjustable Microphone, Remote Vol/Mic Control, Plug & Play, 3.5 mm audio jack

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Powerful Sound
Realistic Experience

The 40mm driver produces accurate
and clear sound transmission bringing
gaming-grade sound quality


  1. Unbreakable Structure
  2. Comfortable and adjustable headband design
  3. Adjustable microphone
  4. Over-ear headphone design with comfortable earmuffs
  5. Built-in noise-canceling design

Comfortable Sound Effect Experience

APOLLO X2 high-quality, 40mm driver unit brings you immersive sound performance.

Built-in Anti-noise Design

Built-in noise-canceling effectively filters
noise and ensures sound stability.

Comfortable and Adjustable Design

The brand-new adjustable headband feels soft and was built to last.

Adjustable Microphone

Noise-canceling microphone effectively filters noise,
providing clear sound and makes
in-game communication run smoothly.


Multimedia compatibility

Connector3.5mm Gold-plated jack
Ear CouplingOver-ear
Cavity StructureClose-back
Speaker Range Response20Hz-20kHz
Speaker Impedance32 OHMS
Speaker Sensitivity101±3 dB
Speaker Size40mm
Mic DirectivityOmni-directional(noise-canceling)
Mic Sensitivity-47±3 dB
Mic typeHidden, inseparable
Main Cable Length1.5M
Adapter Cable Length0.2M
Weight512 G
CompatibilityAll Windows and Mac OS, plug & play devices, Play Station, Xbox, and Switch.

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Q1. How does the headset connect?

The audio cord uses a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Both speaker and mic are built into one connection, but the headset comes with a Y-splitter for separate plugs as well.

Q2. Is this suitable for gaming?

Yes, this headset was designed with gamers in mind. The soft ear couplings and headband provide comfort for extended gaming sessions.

Q3. Does it have a warranty?

Yes, the headset offers an 18 month limited warranty. See the warranty section for more information.

Q4. Does it work with Xbox 1?

Yes, this headset will work Xbox 1 and later.

Q5. Why does the sound work but not the microphone?

Double check your sound properties and ensure that the microphone is set to the headset rather than the default microphone.

Q6. Does this headset require batteries?

No, the headset operates solely on the power provided by the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Q7. Does the headset have a mute button?

Yes, the headset has a remote built into the cord to provide microphone on/off and volume controls.

Q8. How long is the cord?

The cord measures 1.5m or 59in. The Y-splitter measures .2m or about 8in.

Q9. From what material is the cord made?

The internal wire is surrounded by a protective braided fiber.