Basic Specs

Type Internal
Brand Digifast
Intended Gamer
Capacity 512 GB
Sequential Read Speed (MB/s) 3400
Sequential Write Speed (MB/s) 2100
Random Read Speed (IOPS) 357,000
Random Write Speed (IOPS) 445,000
TBW (Terabytes Written) 800
Built-in SLC Cache 24GB
NAND Type Toshiba BiCS3 TLC NAND flash


Dimensions and Form

Physical Dimensions (mm) 80x22x2
Weight (ounces) 0.63
Form Factor M.2 2280
Protocol NVMe
Compliance PCIe 3.1 / NVMe 1.3



Operating Temp  0°C to 70°C 
Storage Temp -40°C to 80°C 



Mean time between failure (MTBF)  1.8 Million hours
Warranty 5 year



Shock  Acceleration Force: 1500G
Vibration Frequency/Displacement 20Hz-80Hz/1.52mm - Frequency/Acceleration 80Hz-2000Hz/20G
Drop Height of Drop 80cm free fall - Number of Drop 6 face of each unit
Bending Force ≥ 20N Action Hold 1min/5 times


Power Specs

Operating Voltage  Min = 3.14V Max = 3.47V
Rise time (Max/Min) 100 ms/0.1ms
Fall time (Max/Min) 5s/1s
Power Consumption Idle < 910 mW, L1.2 < 2 mW



Error Correction Algorithm (ECC)  Low density parity check with each read operation protecting against data corruption
Wear Leveling All solid state drives have a limited number of program/erase cycles. This feature will read and write to the entire SSD evenly maximizing the lifespan.
Bad Block Management If a sector goes bad, the SSD will automatically reroute the address to a different sector allowing users to get the full use of their SSD.
TRIM Unlike HDD, SSDs cannot overwrite data. With TRIM, the SSD will remove unused data allowing for write operations to happen right away.
SMART Self monitoring analysis and reporting technology keeps a record of the health of the SSD and notifies the user of an issues further improving data reliability.
Over-Provision On top of the advertised capacity, there is extra NAND available for internal write operations. This saves wear on the SSD increasing the lifespan of the SSD
Media Wear Indicator When the SSD approaches the end of its lifecycle (5+ years), the user will be notified ahead of time allowing time for safe replacement.
Predict & Fetch Predict and fetch intelligently predicts the operating systems next command and retrieves the data ahead of time thus increasing the speed

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