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Whether it is online games, school, job, or community that we live in people are constantly interact with one and another. At Digifast, we want our customer to feel part of the team where we all can make meaningful contribution together for the community. Digifast encourage individual to embrace their uniqueness because we’re all awesome in our own way. We wish to showcase below how Digifast help or sponsor the people within our community.

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E-Sport Tournament

E-Sport Team Anti-Bullying and individual uniqueness

Here at Digifast we are passionate about technology, and in recent years there’s a growing entertainment segment called, “E-Sport” bursting into the scene.  It is individuals and teams competing in popular online games. It is amazing to see these progamer compete at the highest level. Digifast is the official sponsor partner of BIG League presented by Bloody USA. For two seasons in a row we’re thrill to be able to take part in this event. BIG League can be watch via twitch.tv/bigleague_na

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In addition to E-sport tournament sponsorship that we support. Here at Digifast we are also proactive in sponsoring teams that compete in pro and amateur scenes. We a huge fan of teamwork and sportsmanship, therefore we take pride in contributing to the team that compete in the E-sport world.

If you’re an owner of a progaming team and is interested to talk to us. Message on our social media or send us an e-mail! We’re excited to chat with you.

Digifast proudly to be the partner of PACER national bully prevention center. As one of the partners we promote unity and love within the school ground, as well as wherever bullying take place. Our mission is to build up individual and let each unique personality shine. Any form of bullying is unacceptable. Part of your proceeds go toward to this great cause to provide a safer future and learning environment for our children. Each year the PACER hosts an annual charity concert and Digifast is honor and thrilled to take part in 2019 annual charity concert at PACER.

Furthermore, Digifast is always looking for ways to collaborate with agency or organization to help individual to embrace their individuality. As well as improve lives through technology!