Gaming Keyboard - Digifast Lighning Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard LK32
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Digifast Lightning Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard LK32 Digifast Lightning Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard LK32

$102.99 USD




The Digifast Lightning series keyboards were created with gamers in mind. The stunning 16.8 million-color RGB display allows users to choose from one of three default patterns or utilize the Digifast software to customize their keyboard to match perfectly with any setup. The sleek aluminum outer shell resists smudges and dust and keeps the keyboard looking great. The removable switches and water-resistant design make the keyboard stay functional for years to come.

RGB Lighting Effect

Each button shines with a 16.8 million color display that you can easily customize   

Optical Axis technology

Built specifically for games with accurate, optical triggering
and key response times less than 0.2ms.

LK Lightning Key Libra

Self-Customize RGB

Preloaded RGB Lighting

Zero-Lag Response

LK Sound Creator Tech

Ultra Durable

Reliability you can Trust
Water-resistant design makes spills a non-issue. Anti-ghosting technology allows users to press multiple keys simultaneously.

Incredibly Responsive Keyboard
Optical actuation gives response times as fast as .2 ms A sampling rate of 1000 Hz means the keyboard will reply instantaneously.

Zero Digital Latency
Lightning Key technology outperforms other key switches. LK optical switch removes all input lag which is able to obtain zero digital latency.

Exclusive "Long-Lasting" Typing Sound
LK Sound Creator Technology developed for “long-lasting” typing sound, while regular switch uses metal friction to generate typing sound and tends to fade away after a several months.

Comfortable and Sharp Design
Ergonomic keyboard allows users to type quickly and comfortably. Brilliant 16.8 million color RGB backlit keys that can be customized via Digifast software. Detachable wrist rest allows users to type comfortably.

Ultra Durable and Reactive Switches
Keys tested to support more than 100 million keystrokes. Optical switches operate by disrupting a light signal rather than creating a physical contact. This means longer lasting keys as well as zero digital latency.

Brushed Metal

The brushed metal surface is clean, durable, and stylish.   

Waterproof Design

Nano-coated PCB prevents damage from accidental spills and corrosion.   

Connector3.0 USB
Key StyleOptic switch
Key Response0.2ms
Anti-Ghosting Key100% Anti-ghosting key
Gaming Keycaps8 ABS Keycaps
HotkeyMultimedia Hotkey
BacklitCustomize RGB Animation
Backlit BrightnessAdjustable
Space-BarScrew enhanced space-bar
Memory Backlight6 Free driver RGB lighting modes
Key LifetimeUp to 100 million keystrokes
Report Rate1000Hz/1ms

Q1. Can you remove the wrist rest?

Yes, the rest comes off in two pieces so you can remove either, neither, or both.

Q2. Can I turn off the lights?

Yes, either through the software or use the built-in hotkeys will to toggle the lights.

Q3. Does this keyboard come with a warranty?

Yes, Digifast keyboards come with a 3-year warranty

Q4. What is the polling rate?

The polling rate is 1000Hz or once every millisecond.

Q5. What is the difference between the LK42 and LK32 models?

The overall style is a little different plus the LK42 model comes with a wrist rest. Each model comes with 8 key caps. The LK42 model has red caps while the LK32 has gray caps.

Q6. Will this keyboard work with Mac?

Yes, the keyboard will work with any Mac as well as Windows operating systems.