About Digifast



June 2019

Attend Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) at Los Angeles to showcase our newest M.2 products.

May 2019


  • First company in the market to introduce RGB series M.2 NVMe SSD, then release M.2 accessories device like docking and enclosures.
  • Digifast Taiwan is formed.
  • Partnered with PACER National Bully Prevention Center to promote love and unity to end bully. One of the official sponsor partners for annual PACER fundraising concert.


January 2019

Partner with Phison and introduce state of the art M.2 NVMe SSD into our product lineup.

December 2018

Digifast introduce popular BloodyUSA gaming equipment into product lineup.

June 2017

Digifast introduce our compact portable SD card duplicator.

January 2017

CD/DVD Duplicator sale continue to grow tremendously

September 2016

Digifast split from U-Reach Data Solutions Inc into its own independent division.